Monday, June 28, 2010

Last night I watched Brick Lane, a story about immigrants from Bangladesh in London.

Perhaps not reading the book helped?
Perhaps the gritty authenticity of the storyline helped.
I liked this. A lot.
Some of the photography is beautiful. Specially the scenes with Karim.
And the sound is spot on, with all those neighborhood sounds in the background.

Inflation continues to raze
Okra @50/kg.


norrbu said...

And how little Satish Kaushik has flourished because of this. How many stars are able to get into the skin of the character until they become the characters themselves?

Honest actors should become stars.

Tamanna Mishra said...

Added it to the list :-)

ricercar said...

i loved this. i just loved it. my favourites were the scene were she is writing to her sister & she says im feeling very alone - its so layered with meaning - & the one at the party meeting at the end!

mystic rose said...

hmmm. i tried to read that book and didnt like it. would like to watch the movie, particularly after your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

I will go and look at the articles, thank you!

austere said...

norrbu- Satish Kaushik was superb, the Proust and Tagore-reading taxidriver with a penchant for certificates.

Tamanna- will wait for your review

ricer- when the daughter Shahana runs and runs and you think OMG she's going to do something now... the passion ones were lyrically done too, the use of light there.
and the end- never never expected that, such a pessimist I am

mystic- someone else said that too, so maybe you're right..:)

mago- see the movie!

PQ said...

Is bhendi so expensive? Wow! reminds me of the scene from Three Idiots....but thats my fav sabji too :-)