Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Suhana safar aur ye mausam haseen.."
Madhumati. circa 1958.
What is it about the lines that resonate?
Specially the chorus, that sort of echoes?
Or "sa sa ni ni reni pa ni, ma ma ni ma ni pa pa ni" from the Dil Se title track.
I sing this when I'm walking back home.

Prayers for my ill friend, pls.


AmitL said...

Thanks for the inspiration- I have thoughts of work swarming in my head these days...can't wait to return to baroda-first for 9 days, then,after another round in Dxb, probably permanently back.:)
And, sorry to read @ ur ill friend-here's saying a 'silent prayer' for him/her.

PQ said...

You sing too...wow...I am braying out loud on my commute with the radio...thankfully its only me who has to listen :-)

BTW...wanted to share this...plz send in u'r story http://www.fortytwobookzgalaxy.com/?hfile=completetext

austere said...

PQ- I hum. You hum. We hum. Something like that?
thanks for the link-- dunno, though.

awemit- second time permanently? :)
but nothing to beat our city, for sure.
yep, she's better somewhat, thanks.

Tamanna Mishra said...

Will pray. And love the song :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am late. I will say a prayer.

austere said...

mago, Tamanna- :) She is better.
And sing out loud, sing out strong...