Saturday, May 08, 2010

Earlier this week, someone sent me a slim volume of essays.
Without any message or covering letter.
Like the message that comes from unknown directions?
I can only guess this is for a bhasha anuvaad.
No, the essays are not long- a page, two pages.
But a different kind of writing. Poetic.In taking to English, I’d have to chop. Mercilessly.
At the risk otherwise, of looking horrendously overwritten.
Maybe emotions are different in different tongues? In some language a sigh, in some a drum beat?
Will the cutting not be equal to rewriting?
How correct is that? Fair?
No, I’ve not replied as yet.


Tamanna Mishra said...

Hmmm.. Big duvidha moment this is. I can't imagine anything being as close to gentle and poetic as Hindi (and crass too, when one intends it to be so). And for one, Hindi is not the same as English - even if the English you translate it to is poetic. I am not sure if I am making sense, I am no good with words anyway. Lekin jitna humko samajh aata hai, uss hisab se.

One example - Paulo Coelho. I am sure his Portuguese works would have been way better if at all there's any reason for his books being such a rage. What I have read of him after translation to English hasn't really impressed me.

I guess emotions do change with language.

austere said...

magar kisi ko toh karna hoga na...!
tab prayas kiya jaye?

Jao mere essays padho!

gujju dwidha, hindi duvidha...duvidha ke bavjoot nyay karna hai.

Tamanna Mishra said...

Hmmm.. I wasn't correcting you there, I know dwidha is gujju for duvidha..

Aur haan bilkul, kyuki agar dekha jaaye toh language barrier ki wajah se kisi ki kahaani unsaid reh jaaye, woh bhi anyaay hi hoga :) Can't believe I can actually say something like that, woh bhi shuddha hindi mein :)

Maine jaise pehle bhi kaha, meri bhaasha aapke jaise achhi nahii hai.. Main toh uss momentary samajh ke hisaab se baat kar rahii thi. Bataaiyega jab ye translation ka kaam poora ho jaayega - mujhe dono versions padhna hai.. :)

PQ said...

A nice challenge...& once u accomplish it, another feather...Good luck!

austere said...

tamanna- tab aap bhi prayas kar saktein hain,is disha mein? sochiyega.

pq- dunno. to do or not to do...

Anonymous said...

You know now who sent the book? I am too curious, excuse me please. Did you react?
The main question I have: How was this gesture meant?

shiv said...

Do it.... yes, you should take up the challenge. the duvidha will always be there, but if you manage to deliver the essence, the flavour will automatically follow. I agree, it may sound or read different.. but it is better done than not done...

Tamanna Mishra said...


AmitL said...

Wait and find out who sent it- maybe someone just wanted you to review their works..:)

austere said...

mago- the author's name and address on the envelope.
I think he wants me to translate it. Or just read it? Puzzled.
Am reading a chapter every dawn with my mornin tea- slowly, savoring the beauty of the lines.

shiv-dunno. still undecided.:)

Tamanna- :)

Amit-I'll write a letter of thanks anyway...