Monday, May 31, 2010

Amazing.. flowers that are borne directly on a tree trunk..
What tree is this, do you know?

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Anonymous said...

I am very sorry, I have difficulties to differentiate one tree from another and have no clue about their names.

Time is fast. :)

PQ said...

I know this one Austy....lovely isn't it? My first brush with it was in Theosophical Society in Chennai as a kid...that place with so many trees seemed so magical to me...thanks for posting this...brings back fond memories to me :-)

And coming back to the tree, the flowers are called Nagalingam flowers locally in Chennai...check this out -

And also this -
Guess Cannon ball tree is more common.

PQ said...

BTW...where u just testing us ;-)

AmitL said...

Austy,my knowledge of flora is pretty,if you'd asked'what is this,do you know?', I'd have immediately said'It's a tree'.:)

PQ said...

Hey Austy, so did I clear the pop quiz ;-) btw...when is u'r story gettin published in karadi...dates out or is it still "will be soon"...i really want to read...the one I had tried for recently was a kids story comptn too...well u need to write a bit differently know for the kiddo audience...its really interesting