Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is this a baobab? Not?
For the past several months now I’ve admired this tree, watched the sheen on its almost-silver bark, envied its insistence on standing tall, leafless or not, been respectful of the sap that surges and ebbs in its upright wooden frame, branches held out, bare, stubby twig-like and none the worse for it; even as the many trees around put on their finest greens for spring, then pirouetted and clad for summer.
Drumroll- Leaves! Tender leaves, unfolding. See? Just a day old.
Difficult to say who’s happier, the tree or I.


Tamanna Mishra said...

Yayyy! :)

ricercar said...

baobabs reminds me of the little prince

Anonymous said...


PQ said...

I can really relate to the sentiment...trees, trees, trees....jus love them...wish they could talk to us...then we'd know who was happier ;-)

austere said...

Tamanna- you bet! I'm seriously weird that way.

ricer-really? now I need to go and re-read.

mago- grin back, nah take two..

pq- I feel a strange kinship with these tall ones. my family, my people these trees.

Tamanna Mishra said...

And I say that's the only way to be.. Chhoti chhoti khushiyaan is all we have, right? :-)

austere said...

dil hai chota sa, choti si aasha..

incremental happiness every day. the big big happiness can happen when it wants.