Monday, March 08, 2010

The writing is on the wall.
Yet, on a plain sheet stuck on the wall, the words read “I shall not surrender. I shall not give up.”
Or some such.
Yet he laughs and talks of the Bhagwat Geeta.
What will be, will indeed be. Neither thy piety nor thy wit.
Yet he laughs about fighting the good fight.
Even though as a quasi medical person handling neuro-psych all his life he knows exactly what this dirty tangle of neurons means.
I remind him about a field call to the top neuro in Madras almost twenty years ago.
He laughs, recalling anecdotes from long ago.
The top neuro from down south just spent three hours with him. A Christian discussing Chapter and verse of the Geeta.
Life is so weird.

Last week was sobering. Just one working day, the rest in meetings.
Meals precooked and frozen.
If there were a Refrigerator God, I’d pray at this shrine.
My desk, my home and my mailboxes are a mess.
From the air, the bright line dividing day and night looks just as stunning.
In Delhi, the kesu were in bloom, a fresh suit of blossoms transforming ordinary-looking trees.
And on landing, Bombay’s carpet of lights on velvet still looked like a living, pulsating being, drawing one in.

L’s home--when I reach it in the meandering bylanes of that farflung suburb-- that home is beautiful.
More so for what it stands for. Human will and a dream, beyond textbk hype.
A courage I am blessed to witness. Perhaps I will learn some.
I will pray for you, Sister said.
I'm humbled.


AmitL said...

'I shall not surrender. I shall not give up'-great thought to put up in easy sight of where one sits daily, I'd say.:)
Refrigerator God-haha-yes, microwaves and fridges are indeed a kind of gift.:)
Weather-you should see Baroda- at it's pleasant-est best till 8 AM. Then, till 6 in the evening,it's like the summer of May.:)

PQ said...

I have just begun reading the Gita. I should've done it long ago.

PipeTobacco said...


Just a brief note to let you know I have gone through a helluva lot of changes that I think will make it easier for you to comment on my blog if you wish to. Please consider visiting to see:

Thank you, you have been a favorite area for me to visit.


Anz said...

LOL@ Refrigerator God! Talking about messes it's high time to start the spring cleaning process for my desk. mailboxes and home too.
The kesu flowers are so pretty...the red illuminating and adding a whole new color to the sunny mornings. I find them refreshing.

austere said...

So true, Amit.
Bby weather getting atrocious as well.

PQ-- more power to you, gal! Haven't attempted it.

PT- added to feed, commented as well.

Anz- well, there's always monsoon cleaning,na?