Monday, March 15, 2010

Open your eyes and see.
Such stunning colors.
Every morning the generous greens- fluorescent,dark, so many shades, an extravaganza.
Dew trembles on the tip of a bamboo leaf.
A completely bare tree, devoid of even a single leaf.
Dewdrops shimmer, outline stretched silver branches.
Open your eyes and see.
And last night on my usual walk, from the basti behind the colony, the tremendous, riotous beat of a dholak - kartal and voices rising skywards.
I stood, mesmerized.

Here is a brilliant article on the craft of translation.
Just for this single line “translation is not done with tracing paper” I could cook her a week’s worth of Gujju meals.
Lump-in-my-throat indebted.

Last night, Anwesha sang a classical piece in Amul Music ka maha muqaabala
Standing ovation. Goosebumps. Yes, tears.
From another lifetime, the words echo.


shiv said...

Wonder how you can use words so beautifully ... and ofcourse, that bit on translation.. so true .. it's so difficult to bring out the meaning and the context while translating a piece... i remember "kutoohal" still... we were still figuring out...

austere said...

shiv-- ty, so generous of you.
kutoohal? impossible to take that sense of wide-eyed wonder...

PQ said...

Its true that translation doesn't get its due enough...the article on translation is great.

Here mornings nowadays are so bright...guess coz I don't wake up too early...that pic is beautiful...i love these different shades of morning sky...wish I'd wake up earlier

austere said...

Thanks for reading the article, captures it perfectly, methinks.

the pic is from the evening sky actually, put it up for the colors--have put up a morning sky pic today.
Many clear skies wished, pQ