Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At our own version of the 25 years service awards y'day, the show stealers were these pair of three year-old twins, quite happy picking up a gift box, one at a time, from one room and taking it to the other where the father was seated.
And in due course taking a gift box from him, one at a time, and back to the table.
So content.
So blissfully unaware. So happy.
Ho ha for form and protocol and seniors.

And B, with his 27 years in the mailroom, but two accomplished daughters he's put through professional courses. Life changing.


shiv said...

We all yearn for our days gone by, just for this simple reason....what wouldn't we give for a "ho-ha" for protocols and the like which sort of keeps us from doing what we would like to ..

austere said...

Guess we'd all like to be three years old :)

PQ said...

Aren't kids lucky...no matter what they do...they are often admired :-)

austere said...

But this kid was hilarious! So confident and HAPPY as she marched up and down the hall.