Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mindblowing. Awesome.
Tremendous two days at a scriptwriting workshop. Introductory.
Not that I have a ready and bound script knocking on bollywood’s doors.
Far from it.
But I know it can be done.
Tough, like pulling your teeth out—but it can be done.
Crazily intense ten hours, over two days.
Of thinking – a lot.
Of learning.
Of knowing how little one knows and how there are tons and tons of movies one will never catch up with. So many.
I was in a minority of one, the Hindi film enthusiast.
Shree 420, 27 down, Aag, Aah, Jagtey raho,Chalti ka naam gadi, Devdas, Sholay, Masoom, Mr. India—these are my best of the best.
Ok, Casablanca and Gone with the wind.
But this is my sensibility—my roots.
Amazing three line exercise.
So much of thinking, analysis. Great group.
Returned all charged.
Thank you, Anuvab Pal.
And then the pilgrimage to Mt Mary, climbing all flights of stairs. Stairs that go on and on.
The mind busy seeing the unseen, thinking up tales from the glossy homes and shanties around.


Ankush said...

I have always wanted to write scripts. Envy you!

Anonymous said...

Tales, stories, the world, life, all a story to be told; history the grand tale of the human being. In telling the human invents, explains and understands himself. I think it is an highly admirable thing that you work on it, sharpen your tools.
I have to confess that I never saw an Indian film. Last night I talked with a man from the East about poetry and he highly recommended them.

norrbu said...

certainly from you austere di -- it can be done. I'd like a comedy please. Like Wilde.

AmitL said...

Wow-a scriptwriter now,Austy.Congrats..yes,it can be done!!:)

austere said...

ankush- go and write then! check the writing section on passionforcinema.com- its pretty good!

mago- you must! perhaps Pyaasa and Oye Lucky! just for the contrasts. Nothing but opening my mind and sharpening tools, but terrific the charge of energy.

norrbu- a drama. 1960's type. tears and natak.

amit- new way of looking at things.:)
baki baadmein.

Anonymous said...


mark said...

like this post-- has a jaunty poetry to it

austere said...

thanks for that hullo, mago..

mark- you think so? that's the way I think. disjointed, and ohlala...

PQ said...

Script writer...wow this is real exciting! Must've been a great experience at the workshop.
Kitna stairs...baap re...two floors and I feel tired :-)

austere said...

Yep.. need to continue with the words, though.

lots and lots and lots of steps that lead to a church at the top of a hill...

Arunima said...

oh, this must be amazing!

austere said...

the steps, arunima? must take you there some day.