Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What do you take for someone who has the world?
The chiffon of the dawn doesn’t keep well
And the radiant greens of that fluorescent bush must have the rust crotons to set off.
Ditto the dewdrop trembling bamboo-edge. I fret.
And that proud eucalyptus burnished high
Yet to go empty handed? Nothing?
Books, chocolates, flowers --all old, very old
I don't know
So, what do you take for someone who has the world…
Sudama-like: a handful of grain, some salt, flecks of sugar?


amitsfavourites said...

Great idea,Austy-a handful of grain..with a prayer for a sense of humour in the other party..:)But seriously,from today's gifts, I find the best one to be a Laughing Buddha..or a set of miniature Laughing Buddhas,each in slightly different poses.Good luck is always good,na?

shiv said...

i guess, you are going to meet someone who is old, and special .. your dilemma set me thinking.. and our hindu tradition has a very good answer... take yourself... egoless and touch his feet.. after all that is one's prized possession - The I ... and when you give it up your soul opens up to the other, and both look beyond mundane gifts. and the person you would be meeting could even be God... even then it will hold true....

San said...

I was going to suggest what Shiv already has, yourself.

Anonymous said...

Shiv's gift is very fine. It is admirable.
And I could not do this, something in me stands against it and it would only be a gesture.
I would try to give beauty, a flower, a stone, a piece of wood, a poem.

PQ said...

Something self made - something you cooked, something you wrote, some art work - something with a personal touch....its the sentiments that matter Austy....but I feel its good to take something...plz dont go empty handed.

austere said...

amit- laughing buddhas... but for the man in question?

shiv-that's what we did. just us and our cards/letters. and a story.

San- very difficult, but did it. :)

mago- the man rules the world! google "Amitabh Bacchchan", Herr mago da magician!
Then what do you give?

pq- I took Trimurti, which I think is the best story in translation that I've worked on so far.And my letter on fancy letterpaper.

Anonymous said...

I am very glad for you.
Think a poem would be nice. :)