Monday, December 21, 2009

Scents waft through my busy Sunday
Fresh ginger, crushed and stored
Coriander-cummin, roasted and powdered
Cardamom and cloves, powdered and bottled.
That faded photo of a smiling girl in navratri finery, posing in a circle of light so bright I shade my eyes…what fragrance is that?


AmitL said...

Were all those scents from masala chai?:)Re. the faded photo...whose?(I think I can guess,but still..)

austere said...

Aww.. those were from my busy working sunday. :)
Either you know, or you don't.
So tell me.

Anonymous said...

Youth maybe.

I did my bit. Thank you for tagging!

PQ said...

You do have patience to powder all by yourself...the way you describe I feel you must be great with proportions too so thought you are a good cook...even if u r the fatafat types :-)

norrbu said...

Austere di, wheres the photo with the big man? My personal dream is to experience the same with Sachin.

austere said...

mago- I quite liked your story though we've made the mega tron a ketchup and cookie loving monster, amenable to bribes and reason. :)
I think bubbly joy is more the scent.

pq- I am a quick cook. And prefer home ground spices. always short on the salt, though.

norrbu- aha...good question. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder about Tron's name.
"Marvin" is an allusion to Marvin the paranoid android from "Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy" and having Marvin Jenkins (MJ !) sitting on its shoulders is a reference to Mr. Swift.

austere said...

Mr Swift I well remember...not the Galaxy though, admit to ignoramus-stupefaction.

Count on you to give it a historical perspective. :)