Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the last week and half, I learnt something new about myself.
One: that I have very little patience with a totally different value system. I will switch off scorching dislike. But you will never know.
Two: that I can let myself be upset terribly by misfortune and mishaps that happen to others. This is stupid.
Must learn to disassociate.
And manage time better.


Loup said...

This runs parallel to my resolutions and its not the 1st of Jan yet :).

Where would we be as humans if we did not feel the pain of others?

jsk btw ;-)

norrbu said...

Must definitely learn to disassociate. I must too. Fast and forever.

AmitL said...

Frankly,Austy,I think,in today's world,you have to be sensitive enough to be insensitive sometimes.Sensitive to yourself,I mean,and insensitive to the world's troubles when you know you can't sovle them.:)Good luck.

shooting star said...

hmmm, isnt it strange that no matter how much time we spend with oursleves, we learn something new about oursleves all the time...
manage time also needs to improve on that one...though have come a long way from y procastrinating days!!

Anonymous said...


Nimh Sellers said...

Ahh, to "manage time better."

Should you find the elsuive X and Y values to solving that formula, do let me know!

My rare but occasional "scorching dislike" comes with an evil eye that makes even the biggest men crumble.

I've always been in short supply of patience. My neurotic cat has taught me a lot about patience though. She knows by those occasional above mentioned glares that she's been a whisker away from a snapped neck a time or two.

Any future child of mine should worship that damn cat. Must have been some mutual domestication taking place these last fifteen years. With that in mind, the hubby should then honor the cat as well.

Gone soft, but still full of nails. :)

austere said...

Loup- I think there has to be a limit to it.
And God- or evolution- gave humans brains so that they may think.
If behavior is cyclical, one must know how much to take.

Norrbu- keep me posted. :)

amit- agree with you there. putting that into practice is the big question.

shooting -absolutely. or new levels to what we will or will not take.

mago da magician :) danke schon!

nimh luv- I can "see" that, flashing eyes and magic spell and all.
perhaps this is Nefertiti cat?
Child, spouse, both ought to be grateful. A fish or two might work as token payment in kind.
You sound softy softy, and sweet.

PQ said...

Now I know :-)

austere said...

For now, PQ

Arunima said...

we are upset when misfortune happens to others because we are human. at times, we need to disassociate but it is human.

austere said...

Arunima- I'm so bad it messes up my day. Bigtime.