Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can dreams come true?
Out of the realm of possibility, Impossible dreams?
Never-ever imagined dreams?

The kid would have been ecstatic.
That's the only thought nagging me.How she would have jumped at this.
I'm the pessimist of the first order-the typical worst case bear
Don't draw the lucky card-for ever the last in the row.
I return to being dazed, gape...oh my!
My mind plays and replays scenes, snatches of speeches.
So many thoughts, nostalgia, the taste of forgotten popcorn in the dark...

Tomorrow I meet friends I have met everyday.
For the past year, every day.
"Hey what's up... what's happening.. what did you cook/read/see/ write/ think?"
This once I meet them in person.
With a movie, we celebrate, and what a movie.


Anonymous said...

Is it bitter-sweet?
It must be exciting to meet people for the first time in real life you know only via text or with the help or through a technical device. No intermediary this time.

San said...

i've forgotten how it feels to meet someone i know so well but not met in the flesh.

PipeTobacco said...


I have been participating in a writing group as of late. One of the fellows in the group started me on a meme in which I need to tag additional prospective writers. I am tagging you and you may learn more about it here:


Obviously, it would be fun to have you participate, but I understand if you choose not to do so.


norrbu said...

I keep getting second chances, so I guess dreams do come true.

amitsfavourites said...

Yes,dreams do come true..imagine them being true and they will.:)Re meeting ole friends-wow..it's an experience in itself,na?Specially school friends..:)That reminds me, I want to meet up with my Jeevan Sadhna friends-the ones who're still here,at least.(Many were Shahs and Patels and are in the US/UK,but naturally..:))

PQ said...

Hey its good to tag faces to the people you interact with right....but does it ever make any difference?