Saturday, March 14, 2009

Starburst. A firework shower on black.
A cavalcade; trucks with blaring music.

A tableau of the Conqueror- King.

Dancing crowds dressed in a uniform, orange T shirts.

I elbow past.

The might of Pratapgadh, a fort perched on a mountain.

The stillness at Jaigadh, a fort guarding a bay, all alert.

Power, perfectly preserved in rough-cut stone

Not this wild, flinging-arm dance.

AND it’s a six.


Amit said...

Heyyy...congrats-I just read it-good going!!:)Hope I can write a bit like this once back in Baroda.:)

mystic rose said...

You are getting gooder and gooder at this. :)
But I have to google these forts, to understand better.

norrbu said...

austere didi, I think you're quite cool.

austere said...

norrbu- thanks, boss. :) (heh I think so too, but don't tell anyone)

mystic- thanks!

AMIT- juss write na. i'm sure doobai has a ton of kahani hidden away. everytime I see an ad for Barodanext -which is some new scheme from the Bank of Baroda, I feel so lost. imagine singing jadoo hai nasha hai to alkapuri or sayajiganj. :))

Mumbai 58 said...

Is it ok that I am super envious of you already so soon?? Lovely flow of words.

quin browne said...

i agree, you are better and better at your writing... this word painting you do.

austere said...

quinnnnnnnnnnnnnn. !

mumbai 58-eh.

Portia said...

awesome! i would want you to tell my story too.

Anonymous said...

SHE IS. And your comment made me laugh. And tear.
I can not translate "Unausweichlichkeit" and it does not fit really ... and it may be very wrong to try to pin AustereSeeker to one word, but ... and I can not, and I see and feel what she does with words and in the end I admire. Her abilities. What she shows here. A human being, a wounderful woman, a marvellous intellect ... there is this line to follow, and she creates it for herself - yes, that's it: SHE creates.
All the craftmanship (craftwomanship is accurate and better), das Handwerkzeug, aber ja! - the imagination counts, das Bild, die Abbildung, what the word evokes. THERE is the mastership!

I am brabbling. I try to talk about the creative act, about the using of tools (words), about "the showing", das Zeigen. And about AustereSekkers creative power.
She simply is. She IS herself. Und vielmehr kann ich nicht sagen.

Oh ja, ich beneide sie.

(Shoot me. But it had to be saied.
and that's that)

austere said...

mago- I'm honored.
Will try. No other words.

portia- YES.

Arunima said...

yes, it is a SIX. :-)

austere said...

Thank you, Arunima. :)