Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Productivity road is super jammed. There’s a mob there. A police posse seems ineffective.
Later I learn about the man who heals, just by touch. Its in the papers.
Attracting clamoring crowds, far and wide.
I smirk, all knowing and worldly wise. Cynical, even.
Later, I wonder why.
Is it always necessary to jump to a conclusion?
Faith, so fragile. Sometimes its all that one has.
Can’t I respect that?


PipeTobacco said...


You stated in a comment on my blog:

"The genetic disposition to impaired glucose tolerance in my part of the country is not funny."

I apologize in advance, but either I am misunderstanding you or you may have misunderstood my essay. In no way do I think impaired glucose tolerance is funny. What I was suggesting is that in my country, there is rampant obesity and that the diseases of obesity my country has could be helped by by not being so successful at converting eaten food into fat.... meaning they would be able to weigh less and not have obesity related illnesses (like heart disease, diabetes, etc).

So, again, I apologize.


austere said...

PT- No offence taken. None meant. its just a figure of speech which means I agree with you.

AmitL said...

Haha..yep,cynical indeed. You should've joined the mob and seen whether the man was genuinely a faith healer.:)
Productivity road reminds me-me planning a short trip to Baroda next weekend. U there?

mystic rose said...

Faith is a volatile subject, isnt it? It is so easy to say something worked because someone had faith in it, and didnt work for someone else because they didn't. Miracles do happen, but they are miracles only because they happen regardless of our faith. Miracles should lead us to faith. Does not happen the other way round. Cynicism is good, its our birth right. :D

mystic rose said...

Our vaccination against all that is false.

austere said...

Yes, in small doses. Sometimes I wonder at the price we pay for cynicism, are we even cognizant of the damage we do ourselves by our cynicism? (Awareness as a word would do just as well, only I wanted weightier). Yet some karmic cycles are better closed, the dues paid in full, such a short time on earth , why throw away perfectly good energy?

Amit- was there for a day only. Are you going via Mumbai?

Mumbai 58 said...

But isn't now cynicism something passed on to us much like our surnames? Do we really have a choice?

AmitL said...

Nope-via Abad.:)Mumbai-maybe in June..there's a family wedding.

Portia said...

People can turn anything into *faith*. Maybe that's good, but sometimes its hard not to roll eyes- esp if they happen to be filling their pockets with others' faith.

austere said...

Mumbai 58- the older I get, and I'm afraid this is very much an age thing, I realize (though more often than not I goof up)- there is always space, a microsecond for a choice. always always.

Portia- My reaction exactly. But later...why scoff?