Monday, March 09, 2009

In the orange of the evening, the gargoyles and angels atop the neocolonial BMC building seem as if any minute they’d take flight, lift over the heads of the surging crowds and then you realize the beauty is apparent only past two tinted glasses; the car’s and one’s sunglasses, outside and the scorching heat would overwhelm.

Still trying to get my head around Dev D. Yes, I muchly like it that he chooses life. The disconnect between the Saigal version, the Bhansali version and this one was too much for the parent, who can speak out some of the vintage dialogues perfectly.

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says ten thousand hours of practice at anything is necessary to break through to acceptable level. Ten thousand hours.,9171,1858880,00.html
Shock state.


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-am a bit too tired today-will read this post again,tomorrow,to comprehend more about the gargoyles and Dev D:)


Do you ever wish to be swooped up by an angel to just glide through the air in the orange sunset?

Was this a movie?


norrbu said...

Must watch it. I've liked all of Abhay Deol's movies.

manuscrypts said...

and yet, sometimes even with tinted glasses, one is left glassy eyed :|

Anz said...

yup the usual break was good..from devdas dying.

Epiphany said...

But the Dev D ending wasn't twisted enough for an anurag kashyap movie...may be if they both killed Paro then wud have worked better ;)