Friday, March 20, 2009

In the lobby, I bristle. I search for a lingering something, a wisp, maybe a glimpse of a ghost, a sense that something’s off; but past the vibrant MF Hussain the reception looks just as busy, the engraved wall with the tree of life as serene, the buzz as intense- people watching people. All the rooms have new paint, fittings and furniture, loud carpets have replaced that fine tint, framed photos of the royals that once decked corridor walls have vanished, as if by magic. By the locked balcony one wonders, which of these roofs is Nariman House?

No, it never goes away.

Fine, sharp as an edge writing, it draws blood:


Portia said...

isn't it a strange sensation to stand in a place bustling with life and sense who/what was there?

FABULOUS link! THAT is some dialogue, eh. and so much more not even spoken. i could not stop copying the lines that tugged at me.
"Black water caved into Sesh"
"Smiling like sunlight sliding down glass frontage"
and so on
thank you:)

Mumbai 58 said...

I thought it was about 26/11 when i began reading, but much to my surprise i could connect it to something else..

isn't it a strange sensation to stand in a place bustling with life and sense who/what was there?

i wonder did i ever think that when i was in my mothers' womb? the ones following the first must feel that way no :)

austere said...

Portia- yes, that was the lobby at the Taj, where 26/11 happened. I guess I'm not psychic.

Portia, yep pretty awesome work that. I was left stunned and perhaps for the first time in so many years I actually actually understood something, if you know what I mean?

Mumbai 58- OMG. Yes, incredible but must be so. What an idea, but.


You were feeling the old souls that passed mingling with the presence of all that breathes now.

Chilling, tragic and had to paint over memories like that.
It's like being an outsider and everyone is just going about their business like nothing ever happened.

Off to look at the link now..

mystic rose said...

i disagree.

yes, it has something definitely.. like portia points out. but still leaves a lot ot be desired. but then i shouldnt throw stones seeing as i am nowhere near. sigh.

austere said...

mystic- the writing is lyrical, but not cloying maudlin. the theme is clear, structure flow and pace are effortless. No?

crusty- I guess life has to go on. But what a cost.

Epiphany said...

Won't that place still have a unfilled void despite the crowds that try to fill the vacancies?