Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If only I didn’t mumble, perhaps crafting dialogue would be easy.
Or perhaps if I spoke up, dulcet voiced or stentorian, instead of thinking and thinking most times, rambling on, d'you know?
Or perhaps if I could speak in hyperbole and voices, specially voices, crisp lines wouldn’t be excruciating. Like pulling teeth. Only that you get to do it over and over again.

Craftsmanship? THIS is craftsmanship.
Enviable, clean, hardhitting- but mostly, clean-lean. Honest.
The rest is just a random, feeble try.
I rest my case.


Portia said...

god that made me cry

norrbu said...

thanks for sharing

Portia said...

my mother, who refuses to comment, is one of your lurkers. like, big-time fan-lurker. from your blog to your comments on mine- esp that last one. she loves your writing, wit + wisdom, and wanted me to tell you so.

Mumbai 58 said...

if you did all of the above and more wouldn't you just be a caricature of the one so revered? the much loved yet enigmatic austere will be missed no?

austere said...

Mumbai 58- thank you. me?

portia- thank you. and portia's mum- thank you v much.

norrbu- thank you, and you're welcome.

portia- check the link I've out up today.