Thursday, September 06, 2007

A train waits at a platform. A ride you’ve taken every weekend for a year, a decade ago, till you were brain-dead and confused coming and going. Bleary eyed, you walk to the end of the platform where the AC coaches ought to be, but they’re not there, promoted now to a better spot. Perhaps the movement of a compartment from its customary spot means something in the metaphysical interpretation of things.

Pleasantly surprised at the café coffee day outlets on the platform, surprised to encounter smart design that late in the night.
On my To-do list, one more: touring.
Oh well!
But I can blog, and sub and crit to my heart’s content, so there.


abbagirl74 said...

Hey there! I'm catching up...


one word:


you should publish your work, seriously! I've mentioned that before, but you really should!!

AmitL said...

A ride to Baroda every weekend?If so,lucky you...:)And,which train?Yes,even I noticed Cafe Coffee Day outlets...but,thinking of Lalooji,I wonder,do they serve coffee in Matkis(earthen cups)too??

Sathya said...

lalooji zindabad :P

how far is baroda from Bby to be doing weekend up and down?


Alien said...

:-) .. and so things change.. I wonder how they shall be when I get back....


Aap kaise Hain?



P.s. If you're a Libran, than you should be having a day of birth celebration coming up sometime right? beyond the 24th of this month?


Portia said...

A ride you’ve taken every weekend for a year, a decade ago, till you were brain-dead and confused coming and going
sounds like autopilot to me. though not much has remained the same in my life otherwise, i am still in the same geogrphical location i have been in for most of my life. you would think my auto-pilot would be infallible around here, but no. some days i miss my turn and realize i am trying to lead myself somewhere else entirely.

i hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

Anonymous said...

I am sure, history is lived lives. Coming to the station i can see myself working here some years ago. Entering the philosophical institute I can see myself 20 years ago. I remember your posts about coming back to such a place some time before.

austere said...

hey ho abbagirl, great to have you back. :)

crustyyy! you're my reader number 1. ok, ok, reader number one to five! No one wants to read what I translate, let alone write, should think of free icecream with a story deal :)
Yes, 2909 but I dont celebrate,one of those sad reasons. :)

portia- yes, but it involved two trains to and to fro and I seriously forgot which direction I was headed in, once, that's when I decided to shift.GET A NET CONNECTION.

mago the magician, yes, peace, and if we look back there is a timeline of distances travelled, isnt there? :)

austere said...

sathya- some 400 odd km, not much.

alien- the more things change, the more they remain the same, koi gal nahin.

CRUSTY! HOW did you get that? What a lovely surprise. perfect. badhiya hain ji. :)