Saturday, September 22, 2007

The stern, completely simple and blunt voice speaks out from closely typed, yellowing pages, in five volumes that document recent Indian history. Events that have been conveniently forgotten,”oh, is this what happened” you say; events tucked away under the bright lights of a shining mall and fifty sweeping flyovers. Life impacting. Am honored to be able to read, regardless of who works on the project.


mystic rose said...


Anonymous said...

Five volumes of recent indian history in a stern, simple and blunt tone - sounds like work.
Can you give bibliographic details?


so, you did that work, the boss takes it away from you, but yet you still come away positive with something learned..
did I get that right?

austere said...

mystic :)

mago- I did, mailed you.

crusty- somewhat right. give me some time on this, dont quite know where this is going right now...