Saturday, September 01, 2007

And as we take this misshapen thing; for want of a better word let’s call it that, shall we, and turn it around and throw it on the floor to see if it bucky-ball like bounces or breaks shatters with an eerie whistle into zillions of glistening shards, or what (it could well have been a “or what” for all you know!), and after all the to’s and fro’s and infinitesimal analysis, I guess that’s it, as we sit in a silence not entirely uncomfortable, and I realize you know things I’d never tell my mother, either of them.


mystic rose said...

Om shanti.


that's how I feel about my bigdogg..he's the only one that knows me the best..he's the only one that I can truly be myself and not have to put on some facade...
You deserve to be published, my dear austie!!


btw: 6 lines!! Good JOB!!! :)
happy weekend!
is that guy still outside handing out donuts? :)

AmitL said...

Just wondering..what was this about?

austere said...

mystic- om shanti, likewise. :)

crusty- for that vote of confidence you have my undying loyalty! ty! no, this is a friend I was talkin with.
Not six, fewer. there is a gory six lines on new roughpad. donuts?

amitl- seven crows a secret never to be told. :)

sathya said...

hi Aust,
went totally over my head :((

And you didnt put in the flickr code yet :(



I have the donuts, do you have the coffee??
I just reread your's so fresh like a mint bar of soap..I really liked it. thanks for sharing it with us!

soleil said...

one line! :)

austere said...

sathya sathay! I put the new code and then what do i do about the badges? eh? tech unsavvy I am, you know~!

crusty- wow. what a stupendous compliment. thanks much.

soleil- yups. :)

Portia said...

ew, let's. i love this as always. esp. the last line. the shocker for me was finding that my mother knows things she doesn't share with me!

austere said...

I'd be scandalised as well.