Thursday, September 20, 2007

Strands of lights from the bus window, twinkling red-yellow-green against the dark. Reflected a million times in the lines of raindrops on the glass, that you watch with halfclosed eyes.
Gratitude for all there is, and isn’t. Hypnotic drum beat, cymbals and fireworks, the fifth day of Ganpati pujan, enroute to the sea for immersion. Do even the divine have goodbyes in their scripts?



I think they you? The divine?
The twinkling red and green..was that stained glass?

Portia said...

oh, this took me so many places. i am glad it took you to the sea ...i hope that was a literal reference, anyway.
and you always offer the most invaluable reminders:
Gratitude for all there is, and isn't.

Anonymous said...

Think they have a lot of new beginnings. A lot of "Hello-s" so to speak.
Has it to do with Lord Ganesha? Saw a picture of him not so long ago. May they smile upon you!

austere said...

Crusty- Stained glass- now that's a nice, across religions thought- The ten day Ganpati festival is on,streets are decorated with lights and there are decorated sheds with beautiful clay images of the God,and these images are taken to the sea or river or pond with a lot of pomp on designated days, and immersed, dust to dust, so to speak.

portia- one more place? see above. :)

mago- they do? thank you.

manuscrypts said...

goodbyes definitely... just a longer shelf life..


So the sea for the immersion is like a christian baptism?
Do you believe the divine manages their goodbyes?