Monday, September 03, 2007

Logically, cinderella’s shoe can’t fit, the foot’s morphed, well not fractured you know, (fractured reminds me of 2003, and algorithmsyouwhatchacallit and that’s a totally different substory, and lets not get into branching substories like my mother would, she was SO good at meandering off, and then THAT one would have another branch and so on and you wouldn’t quite know, like the pied piper perhaps, what you began with); so yes, not fractured, not misshapen, not Chinese petite bound, not enormously large storytale giant-like either so there, but maybe dainty, I like dainty, it has a sweet lavender cut-glass and lace feel to it; so her foot has morphed the event (or nonevent, depends) was life altering ergo the foot, and she’s trying for size huffin puffin but it slips off and yet she tries, and of course it hurts, pooah dear and when will she ever learn to shrug and say humbugbobsaget logic.

Woke up with hangover quality blues y’day, energy drained, brain dead pathos. Ran into this group of hmm economically disadvantaged seven or something year olds, outsized hand me down clothes, lean, hair-slicked, some had no slippers, but they were all high energy, a smile-chatter, "salman khan dhishkaaon! this car JUMPED over the bus", never have I heard a movie scene being discussed with such passion; instant grin on my face.

No updates. You want the 1998 set of reader’s digest? No? How about ten years of navneet samarpan? September housecleaning on, and on.


burf said...

the post makes me sleepily wonder if i ever visited one of your blogs if not commented on???

austere said...

Yes, burf, you did, zzzzzsleeepily as well, sent you to dreamland, did it, but thanks for trying.

shiv said...

I'll take Navneet Samarpan . And do you have Scope? I am not too old for akhand anand, though I used to get it for while ....

shiv said...

Sorry was quite young for Akhand Anand I mean.....Yet another beautiful mag was Bhavan's Journal ..All of these way above RD..


Readers Digest..been reading that since I could read and first picked one up on the back of the toilet at my grandparent's house..still have them here too! If you want some more to add to your mix, let me know.

hmm, a shoe too small for someone? Hard to put that down and move forward when you're used to a certain way. But if they want to ouch through the pain, who's foot is it to deal with bunions and blisters? Just sympathize with the one that has a blundering foot. :)



p.s. Good luck with the spring cleaning..yuck yuck and triple YUCk! You've just reminded me of what I haven't done.
You come here and do my fall cleaning, and I'll come there and handle yours. :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, we must be friends in many verses I think. :)

When it comes to tangents, I could give your mom a good run for her money. In the span of a half hour go from commenting on the rainy day, to a new pair of shoes, to a tree in a park, to a movie from 1984. Hee,hee,heee

Hope your mana restores quickly. Today is the last day of a Krishna celebration in a park near my apartment. How could someone not like Krishna!?!?


austere said...

Shiv- great you told me abt the Navneet Samarpan, it was scheduled to go to the pastiwala (the guy who buys old n'papers and mags) today. Are you serious? Akand Anand? I haven't read much of that.

crusty ouch my foot, so .. :) I know RD is generic, I used to collect the US edition that visiting cousins would bring back, and ooh and aah at the ads. :). yes, we have been collectors of a whole lot of things and now its time to let go. :))I get to stay with the three lill bacchas, and that's a deal!

proxima- thanks for the manna wishes, o wise one. Yes, today is the day of the birth, such a tough life he had too, the benefactor of life on earth.

Portia said...

i had a teacher that called it "bird walking" when dawdling off subject, but was never sure why.
i love getting rid of stuff in spring cleaning fashion, because it's more in my nature to keep it all, especially those that show me a piece of history. but then it slowly comes that we are the history and i couldn't get rid of it if i tried:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-what a whirlwind tour-from Cindrella's shoe to spring cleaning. I luv such discussions on movies too,especially from those who really enjoy them till the dhishkaaaaon..:)hehe..1988 set of readers digest?would be nice....but,no place in our Baroda home,either..:)

austere said...

hehe portia- birdwalking is expressive! somber tone to "yes, we are history"

amit-:) thanks for withstanding that tour, word overruns, whirlwinds and storms notwthstanding.