Monday, April 02, 2012

Had I known installing plants on that tiny window ledge was going to be as inspiring, evoke a sense of ownership and yes, contentment, I’d have done that long ago.

In the shanty town these days there seems to be a season of nonstop recital of the Ramcharitmanas.

Yesterday from 4 till ten I visited two worlds. Negotiated a single person-only, winding alley in a shanty town to reach a friend’s engagement ceremony. Later, dined in understated opulence elsewhere, making polite talk, calculating the manhours it would take to keep the environs as pure and pristine white.


Anonymous said...

It is always astounding, all these worlds side by side. I wonder whether it is a privilege to travel through them, to slip from one into another. Wonder what we take with us and what we may leave behind, a look, a perspective, a thought.

PQ said...

My friend tells me I don't have a green that what u call someone who always tries to grow plants but ends up wilting them?