Thursday, April 12, 2012

So little time to the day. And there are personal commitments I will NOT cut down on. I will walk. I will cook. I will write even if its scraggly. Work is not too easy, not too tough, requires I keep up with a barrage of information, just keep moving. Personal time is limited—very. Just realised that it is personal ENERGY that is limited. Must be very careful about who and what I invest that energy in. If I spend 1.5 hours in front of the idiot box staring at a Balaji story that really is my problem. If I tell bai that locking someone’s keys inside their house and running around to hunt and find the keys was a result of her perpetual hurry—but I frown about this all day, then that energy drain is MY problem.  Why should I play any part, however reluctant, in anyone’s life dramas? Tumhara natak, tum sambhalo. If I fritter away energy, where will I find the time to invest it, direct it?


icyhighs said...

You're lucky you have any energy at all to fritter away. I seem to have lost all will to live. Not that it's your problem.
Congratulations on publication of your poem.

PQ said...

Hey Austy, take it easy. U need these distractions sometimes. Life would be too boring if u channelized all ur energy only in meaningful things. Its ok to stare at idiot box sometimes, or involve in somebody's me....thoda masala chahiye life mein...kabhi kabhi... :-)