Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“Perhaps its me.” All this time the man would talk some and switch off, talk some and yes, you get the drift-- connect and walk away, this over YEARS—and all the time I’d keep wondering what happened, what I’d said wrong, and then I’d go on living my life. My reticence and thankfully traditional 17th C mores kept me out of any nonsense. Of course there were tears, and much beating of chest, I was an emotional idiot those days. Now I’m the cynical bitch (and loving it).

NOW I’ve learnt what

The man is a CYCLER.

Yes, a bipolar, MDP.

Explains so damn much.


Anz said...

Absolutely! Wonder why it is the always the female counterpart in a relationship to feel, as you said, "Perhaps its me"

austere said...

:) Just learned last week that tis aint just the women. hota hai...

PQ said...

Austy, is 'Dark' your story? Are there more in your portfolio? I did read Dark and its great. Regarding the couple meeting with an accident during their honeymoon, I know of a friend who exactly had that and she survived...that was long back & she has moved on. But I was just reminded of it.

austere said...

Thanks, PQ.
Dark is my story, and there are several more in the same portfolio..

dunno about this one mentioned, I didn't write this abt the honeymooning couple.