Saturday, August 07, 2010

Another week, with more of the same… rushing to meet deadlines, sitting by to meet deadlines, cooking, reading, writing, scowling at the market, thrilling in the rain, laughing at *Well done, Abba*
And I can only wonder at what, if anything , changes with the years, or in a bid to amuse ourselves, do we learn to find color in variations on the same theme?


Tamanna said...

That is a really, really good question. Tell me when you find the answer :)

AmitL said...

haha..that's how my week passed..and,I ensured the weekend passed just the opposite- no thoughts of work.:)
Change- yep,generally, we do tend to find colour in variations on the aame theme. But then, it's also up to us to to change the theme,na?And,what better example do i give than,moving away in 2k1,from my first Co,after14.5 yrs?Of course,'Who moved my cheese'did help.:)

Elizabeth (Beth) Westmark said...

I scowl at the market, too. Only occasionally, I feel like a "master of the universe." Most days, I can't hold on, can't let go! Ha. Guess I should ask: are you referring to the stock market or some other market? :)

shooting star said...

well, what i have realized about myself, is that i need to learn/experience new things...and im doin that wid my life right now....
color in variations, yeah thats right too, but thats what life is all abt...if we werent amused, what will be whole point of our lives..even doing different things???

Leni Qinan said...

Life has cycles, I guess. And I suppose they all have their charm and their different colours... I guess this is what we call experience.


I wish I knew.
Miss you..sorry it's been such a busy summer.
the older they grow the more I try to hug and hold and play and spend as much time with them as I can..
until I have to let them go fly solo. :(

austere said...

Tamanna- eh. Or you tell me, you're smarter.
because I say so.

Amit l- true. For most times.

Elizabeth- the stock market, but of course. Have given up on inflation.

shooting star- I salute your spirit. Will try.

Leni- yes. This one is making me stoic. I better run before mago fills me in on the philosophy!

Crusty dear, i understand.Miss you too. Take care and give the three a huge hug. Recently saw some fab photos of your city -- that river specially and the fairy tale boat, and thought of you.

Arunima said...

mine has been work, cook, clean, watch movie, sleep, reapeat until weekend. weekend: run to the apartment and see woodwork. I want my weekends back :-( but yes, i think we do end up seeing some variations in monotony too.

austere said...

woodwork.. perhaps the days are like patterns in the woodwork, the grains are all that defines one piece from another-- so it is with days?