Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In The Final Chapter, there is a para that goes:
“With this change in the color of his eyes, he began to view the story of his life differently. If some parts of personal history were set aside, some other parts positioned appropriately, then he traced his lineage to a learned Brahmin.…”

I caught myself doing just this the past week. If the events of the past few years were thought of differently, juxtaposed and rearranged, parts snipped off and extended, one can pat oneself on the back for foresight and veracity and determination, of the unswerving sort, but of course. Waah boss, waah. When the truth is, it was part laziness, part a dread of the unknown, part life instances (what would we do without life instances to shoulder blame, I don’t quite know), and part lumpen inertia. I have not grinned so much to myself in ages.


milieu said...

if you already haven't, then check out Steve Job's famous speech. It has similar theme.

Arunima said...

this reminded me of something. I have not done anything about my PFs from the past two companies and now I have to fill up affidavits to show that I have been working there (since it is over 3 yrs now) and give reasons as to why I never applied. hubby suggested I write, cussedness and inertia.:-) "lumpen intertia" in your post triggered this. :-)

Anonymous said...

The path is visible when turning around.
And good historians can make it a highway.

BTW some of the most "noble" families of Europe tried to tweak their pedigrees to trace back their origins to Emperor Karl, Augustus or - let's go for the whole hog! - Jesus.

(WV: dicatent !)

mark said...

ha-- this is so true...but then, how could it be otherwise?

PQ said...

Just read the story had Yashu left him for good...was it all an illusion?

austere said...

PQ- loved your interpretation, but Yashu left him for good, aka ditched him.

mark- :)) I guess the years can be edited to suit, eh?

mago- good historians can make a desert a verdant highway, streams, tall trees, birds and all.
yes, we Indians are all the descendants of Manu, though we women hate him with good reason.

arunima: how can you?? PF is tax free money! and a gujju and her money cannot be separated.

milieu: will check it out. am woefully prehistoric with youtube links. :) thanks.

AmitL said...

Yup-that's easy for me- I always look at past events, yesterday or 20 yrs back, as something to pat myself on the back for...the 'feel good'factor-also helps in keeping an attitude of gratitude towards others.:)

austere said...