Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caution: not sweetness and light.
At the end, that's all we condense to: fire, water, air, earth., sky
That young man with the million $ smile, and the brain tumor, the man who was on first name basis with the leading neurologists in the country- didn't make it.
Prayers for his family.
For his wife. For his young daughters who will grow up too quickly.
Prayers, for he suffered too much.
Sometimes I wonder how emotionless I am becoming.


nivi said...

I guess its journey for most of us. i find myself becoming emotionless for the things that I see happen almost on an everyday basis. Yes, another bomb blast, yes, it is sad, but ya lets get over it. I guess in a way it is a sense of helplessness too. And if I focus more on the helplessness aspect, it might probably spiral down in to something worse.

Found you through your submission to thebanyantrees contest :) I run the mag with two other friends :)

Arunima said...

you have the emotions, that is why you are writing.

Anonymous said...

It is always sad to see a young person die, a lot of lost chances, an unlived live.

AmitL said...

'from ashes to ashes, dust to dust', indeed.
I didn't get who the young man was-maybe coz I'm not keeping up with the news?
Re. becoming emotionless- ask me @ it.Ah well- there's a time for everything-maybe this is the 'work hard, forget emotions'period, I stage will be better.:)

mystic rose said...

They will survive, austere. With everyone's prayers, they will all come through with not many scars.

You and emotionless? Never.

norrbu said...

My prayers today for his wife and daughters.

shiv said...

That (death) is the only truth in this world, and that is the end everyone has to meet, and fortunately doesnt know how he himself has ended or will ... what is important is the way the life was lived.... among his legacies the first that came to your mind was his million dollar smile.. and that says a lot about him

Leni Qinan said...

You're not emotionless, Austere. I can perfectly read your feelings and emotions in this paragraph and feel a bit too.

austere said...

nivi- thanks for dropping by. :) And for the opportunity.
I tend to spiral to that "something worse" and then pull myself out by taking to words, but I wouldn't recommend that.

Arunima-- thank you for the vote of confidence.

mago- so many dreams vanished for his family... and yet life goes on

amit- he was a colleague from marketing. is like daru?
mystic-- I can only pray. For minimal scaring. And thank you for saying that.

norrbu- yes.

shiv- perhaps you're right. perhaps. but somehow I would hate to be remembered. main pal do pal ka shayar hoon...

leni- thank you.