Friday, July 30, 2010

Today, I told myself I’d write. At least try. Sometimes it is worse than pushing toothpaste out of a dry tube.
But how to put on paper the relief-pride of pushing a tale to 3200 words, a tale that you’d despaired at ever attempting, and the feeling at being able to type “finish”. Phew. Done. Whether it makes the cut or not, does not matter—a personal victory.
How to put on paper that mixed sense of joy, quizzical unease at “we are considering”, either reject or accept, why keep me in limbo?
And that despair at seeing the walls of the palace grounds back home demolished, what has the city brought upon itself with this rash move?
So this is where I am.


Ricercar said...

well done :-)

palace walls ... battle of the old and new maybe? its always been and always will ... nothing and noone lasts forever, no?

i'd think it might be better to be considered than chucked out of hand :D

norrbu said...

yours will be a niche audience Austere di - the starbucks visiting cosmopolitan yet left leaning folks (like me) who think but seldom act. (or did I read too much?)

Tamanna said...

"We are considering" is like "We need to talk" from American sitcoms. Only worse :)

Leni Qinan said...

So you want to be a writer? I’ve read this kind of prayer a zillion times!

63mago (not allowed to comment properly, sorry) said...

Where are you?
In the middle, creating while being destroyed ...

AmitL said...

Good'll surely be 'considered'.B positive.:)
The palace walls demolition-why despair?We weren't allowed inside,in any case...and,if the royal family is ok with it,so be'll save a lot of natural resources(petrol,diesel)when the road becomes a reality,I feel.

PQ said...

Great work Austy! First we need to feel happy within on whatever we attempt, a piece written with all your heart and the one you have liked and believe in being special is more important than hearing whatever from others. Good luck to you too.

Anonymous said...

BTW is this the Ramayan Anthology? I just looked up the last day was 31st...i wanted to try it....but went totally blank on what to write :-) I'm too poor at fiction...and not sure if u know of this site...lists a whole lot of writing comptns with submission dates at the right...check it out

& good luck to u!!! I still want to read u'r entry to karadi

- PQ

shiv said...

Good... you have taken the first step.. that of completing the story that was not coming out on paper so easily. But I am sure it will be accepted .. your own fears and doubts about it will make you see it in a lesser light, which made it difficult for you to pen it in the first place. But for all you know it may have an easy passage to acceptance

mystic rose said...

Oh, I'm excited, cant wait to read it. Where is this going to be? email me, please.

Leni Qinan said...

It is indeed a personal victory. To be in this limbo is writer's fate. Good luck, Austere!

((Once again, thanks for your helepful hints!))

63mago said...

You wrote.

How was it then?

austere said...

Ricer, thanks.. but it felt like being ata circus, jumping the hoops

norrbu bhai- you read too much completely but thank you for dreaming big

tamanna- you got it spot on

Leni-- and yet. And yet...

mago- or the other way around?

amitl- it is someone's home, and they were not ok with it...never were

pq- yes, the ramayan anthology, atleast I got my lines written and all sincere thanks to your post.. I track Asiawrites regularly now

send me your mail id and will send that one your way

shiv- I don't think so, but putting the final full stop was victory enough.

mystic--where is what going to be? nah no more mails, lady.
Leni- good luck with those sites. and have a fantastic vacation.

mago- plodding on, and on.

Arunima said...

All the best. I struggle for 50 words and you've been able to express so many things within a few words. The old has to go for the new. Let us hope, things turn out for the better. There is aggressive road widening in Bangalore rendering many people homeless and out of business. God knows, what's gonna happen.

austere said...

I am not liking old making way for new. There! That's my stated position.