Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I awoke to a rejection.
Which all in all is a good thing.
One- the publisher got back.So many just don't.
two- the story has now moved from 400 words to 1700 words.
Which is a LOT of words. For me.
AND I have not sulked. For a change.
Ah, life!

Today's high winds are a manic delight, an almost eerie glee as they blow past buildings, whoosh through trees and twist and turn making a mockery of things like scaffolding, branches, and roofs.
The rain Gods were kind and stayed away, the century's higest tide didn't flood the city.


Nimh Sellers said...

I wish I were there with you this morning, drinking hot Masala tea and milk while talking about all things Writing-related.

I feel like I am ready to pick a fight and my foe does not even know I exist! It seems terribly arrogant, I know. Like Frank Sinatra, I want to do it my way. So often I compromise for the sake of the greater good, maybe this time, to not compromise would be for the greater good.

I speaking of the publishing circus. I will not be the belligerent pet of a publisher! They know not what is best for either writers or readers.

I am about primed to ignite a new fire in the cause of an indie Authors movement. The Readers/consumers speak with their wallets. The smart ones find ways to seek out what they want.

I believe the mass publishers can kiss my pastey white ass dearest, especially the German ones. Maybe yours to nah?

Nimh, sometimes a vixen.

Ricercar said...

hey i'm sorry. sure the next ones will be smarter :)

norrbu said...

I don't understand the publisher, I've read far too many books that don't measure up, and far too inferior to how and what you write.

austere said...

No, this isn’t a crib. What I’ve learned in the past few days- months- ok, years is that if there is a SYSTEM, then holding angst against the system is pretty futile. A waste of energy.A drain. Getting hard on yourself is also ok for a bit of poyetry, but nothing more.
See those spaces between the letters S Y S T E M.? That’s where you wriggle in.find a way, a patli gali, and there is always one. So dumb I am it took me YEARS to figure out after all the rejection letters on the translations as a book, that there WAS another way, what about journals, what about online journals? The point is to get up, keep walking.

Self publishing, Lulu style is always a choice. But then you have to be ready to stand up there and shill, and I’m not. Oprah wont have me either, so what are we left with?

I’d rather nibble away at it bit by bit- rejection and all and see where it goes

The reason I’m putting this all up here—if I’m ok putting up the good, then I should be fine with the not-so-good as well. It is what it is.

Ricer- exactly- some other place, some other time.

Norrbu- all Maya. You liked the good, you like the bad.

AmitL said...

Ah-Austy,maybe that's what makes each blog so special(Of course,you don't get paid either),I guess-that there's no editor-you're own writer,publisher,editor...:)
The rejection-well,that's part of the game,I guess,in this or in any other line?In a way,tks for the warning on what to expect.But,I'm sure,as with me, you also find each rejection a way to spur yourself to excel in each new endeavour you take up in this field,right?:)
Yep-thank goodness the high tide didn't do much damage.I did read about some mishaps-like a worker for the Mumbai metro getting electrocuted..sigh!

austere said...

Yes, Amit. Get up and walk- v true.
Didn't want to give the idea that it is party time, every time.

This much nuksaan is standard for the city.

PQ said...

Hey Austy, dont let you feel down. Rejections to hota rehta hai. Had heard ki JK Rowling got rejected several times for Harry Potter...but once it got out, became best seller na. Sometimes publishers arent able to just get it right. Not your fault. You keep trying and dont give up - as long as you have full confidence in your abilities - one day luck will favor too. I do have complete faith in you. Good luck to you!

manuscrypts said...

which reminds me, i always awake to a rejection! a rejection against the idea of more sleep..
and with that lousy attempt at being funny, also comes the learning that we should just keep writing.. anyway :)
no Tide... 'chaunk gaye?' :)

austere said...

manu- you bet chaunk gaye! and a polite ha.

PQ- thank you for the faith. Will try.