Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hand in hand, we amble.
You’re saying your prayers, you set the pace.

How else would I have seen the Monet-like leaves, almost white green, or the bed of flamboyant red tiger lilies.
In colors, my prayer.

Tied myself up in knots over some words for most of last week, amazing how calm one feels once one decides upon the course of attack.

Looks like monsoon-time now.
Mumbai floods, and is as stoic.


PQ said...

Attack...kis pe?

Arunima said...

no rains in Bangalore though it rained in north Karnataka. the farmers are waiting.

quin browne said...

oh, i love that last line.

norrbu said...

oh, i love the whole prose.

AmitL said...

'how calm one feels once one decides upon the course of attack' true..just right for my current mood(s).:)...AmitL

austere said...

PQ- words pe! I find it SOO difficult to write essays. :)

Arunima- I hope it has rained now?

quin- ty

norrbu- ty, too.

amit- may be out of context, but so true, na?

shooting star said...

yeah..once all the confusion fades away..and we see clearly..evrything seems so rains in delhi ur lucky to have rains in mumbai

Anonymous said...

Prayers in colours, what a touching thought.

A well thought out attack can be full of beauty also. Especially when calmness is reached what leads to a state of security or coolness - I simply do not know how to translate "gelassen" or "Gelassenheit".

austere said...

mago- I realized I had to say what I wanted to, and the authority had no idea of what was in my mind when I was thinking- something like that.

s. star- I read your "friends" post with such delight and envy. Shall gladly courier some rain to you.