Monday, July 06, 2009

I've watched with quiet peace the sky talk to the earth, envelop it in a misty rain cocoon, as leaves take on a million shades of green and the world looks fey.

A cocoon that I happily slip into when there is too much- too much at work, to much to think about, too difficult to find a way to say “No”. And it is still work.

Why is egoh a four letter word?
Isn’t it a thread that ties together diverse pieces of what we call the self, each with a will of its own?


BookClover said...

You're so good at putting words together...but it's sad you haven't updated the other blog in a while although I guess you're very busy (don't tell me about it...)

Ricercar said...

i love watching the sky. last night the sky was so pretty here that i kept looking at it out of the window, when i should have been sleeping :)

quin browne said...

it's the same four letter word as love. what should tie us together instead pulls us apart.

AmitL said... true-nicely put,the sky talk part.:)
egoh is a four letter word,come to think of it..should be converted to 'let go',I feel.

austere said...

amit- so well said. let go, indeed.

quin- perfect. loved seeing the different interpretations here.

ricer :) we don't get stars now, all a muddy red because of the monsoons and the city lights.

bookclover- dunno what I'd put up there? :) good to see you again.

Nimh Sellers said...

I tell good stories, yes, because people hang on to hear the end regardless of how busy they are, but you have a much more impressive gift I thing. To slow us down, to take time to ponder things. You visual imagery to your words that is unqiuely your own and I truly appreaciate it!

As I might be so cliche; Coming here is a breath of fresh air. :)

Take Care Austy dear,


Nimh Sellers said...

Wow! See why editors are employed.


Anonymous said...

A thread maybe, a tyrannic master, a weak bond, just one streak that plays in(to) the foreground and stays there - for a while? An indestructable and unchangable entity - I doubt: The me I am now and the "ego" today is different from me ego 10 years ago. It changes, but I do not know whether it just adapts or if there is basical and structural change. But I see constant things like abilities or interests, Curiosity for example.

PipeTobacco said...


Beautifully said as always! It speaks of a sentiment that is prophetic and important.

On my site you mention your new car. What style is it, and if you have a link to a photographic image of it (not necessarily yours, but one of the same model) I would love to know the link so I can picture you in the vehicle.


austere said...

PT, I don't use a car. I walk, or take an autoricksha.

And that's not me in the photo!

mago- the tyrannical etc, also arrogant or rude is what I call "proudy", but what abt the thread that holds you when you're broken, stops you from doing things that are bad,reminds you of a line not to cross, because that's not you ? Ever changing, yes, but the core changes? Curiosity and your kindness basic to what you are as well. :)

nimh- those be precious words. honored. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Curiosity and kindness are fine, but bad things and crossing the line is also a part - that thread is flexible. Crossing the line ... at one time in the life, surely, but it is a constant move, the line is also different from the one ten years ago. I know what I am cappable of, what I can do - and can continue with. The line is defined in a new way by each (reflected) experience. Maybe the core is pearl of glass ... ein Glasperlenspiel.

PipeTobacco said...


Ah, now I see what you were refering to. When I was in India, the people I traveled with called those vehicles "mototaxis". I like your term "autoriksha" better.

Those were wonderful vehicles! I liked them so much that probably 90% of the time when I took a ride to different parts of the city, I chose them. Only going to and coming from the airport (when my bulky luggage would have been difficult on that type of vehicle) did I take a traditional taxi.

What I find so nice about the autotaxi (autoriksha) is that they remind me of the mopeds we have here in the US, but that they have a back seat and cover.


Arunima said...

and there are no rains in Bangalore.

austere said...

Arunima- send you some? deluge, here.

PT- these guys are terrific drivers, the world's best,and I admit I have no guts to face our traffic. Plus for me given the sugar issue, walking is a must. :)

PQ said...

Your first para is do u do that? And it comes to you so easy - one day you are going to go real big and yes heartiest congratz on Trital :-)

austere said...

PQ- thank you. Speechless.