Friday, July 17, 2009

Forwarding Address, a translation of Pravinsinh Chavda’s Agalnu Sarnamu, is online at Pratilipi.


AmitL said...

heyyy..congrats..this is becoming a regular feature..u translated that one really well.Read it once quickly..will read at ease again,tomorrow.I'd also like to know the original words for 'perfunctorily','conciliatory','pecularities' and 'eccentricities'.(Would eccentricities be 'paagalpan'in Hindi?*muses*)

austere said...

thank you!
the original words in this story or just generally?
The weight of a word depends on how its used in a sentence and what the underlying meaning is. peculiarity for instance could go all the way from vichitrata to vishishtata to anokhapan :)
I had an essay on translations in Calque, where I'd written about the cultural back story we would have as Indians, which one cannot put into a story.

Amit said...

Hi,Austy-I mean, these words in context to this general,I am sure there'd be three-four Hindi words and an equal amount of English words as well.:)

Amit said...

ohh,yes-btw,I read the translation again,today..quite a touching story..and,somewhat with a ring of reality in it.
BTW,the description of the 'ramshackle four-storeyed structure',somehow reminded me of our very own Nyayamandir.:)Good going....AmitL

Anonymous said...

:) Une femme des lettres! My heartfeld congratulations! How are reactions - or is that something you wish to ignore? I know that critic(s) can be very hurtful.
I think you can be proud - allow yourself at least a little of this potion - please!

Tha last ten days or so were a little stressfull, so excuse me please fro not having stopped by earlier.

austere said...

A weird state of indifference, mago.. does not matter. The rejections have been so many- even without looking at the material. So that’s it.
Your work schedule is terrible, mago. Cause for stress?

Amit- thank you for reading again.
No- it is upright and a pillar of justice the last I checked.
Do you remember that old palace opposite the state library at Mandvi? Something like that. Waiting for the next monsoon. :)