Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Youtube. And you.
You're like a child. Elated.
You insist on K L Saigal.
1944. 1952.
Every evening.The IPL be damned.
Babul mora. Ek bangla baney nyara.
A question barrage.
I scramble. I steal time.
Who with. when. why. which much was the ticket?
Oh really! And then?
So many questions.
Anything. For a slice of your life.
And you know. And I know.
Time's a thief.

Last night, we ended with Geeta Dutt.
Chain sey hum ho kabhi...
As also the Sanjeevani and Asha Bhonsale versions.
In my brain loop, her voice echoes.
To sing this one, you have to live life a little.


Ricercar said...

you say so much without saying anything. truly admirable.

by the way, its opened now.

AmitL said...

Whew!Austy,that's really going back!So far,I've not been able to listen to KLS or Geeta Dutt-but,as they say'that time too shall come'.:)
BTW,I was reading the first few pages of 'The Secret'-have u read it?

Arunima said...

i really love the chen se humko kabhie song. Just yesterday, I took my song book and sang a lot of old hindi songs. felt really good.

Arunima said...

Are you able to read AmitL's blog? I am not able to read. Some settings thingy or wot I am not sure.

norrbu said...

OMG (o my god).

i agree with ricercar and love the way you write.


i love how you word things..


true true true--especially about time.

Anonymous said...

Just read a book about time and how we "feel" it, how it works, how our brains are set.
It's frightening.

quin browne said...

i know this feeling well... yes, how little does time cost?

austere said...

quin'o mine: :) we're linked.

mago- a summary?

crusty: you're kinder than time is :)

norrbu: eh. well. likewise, likewise.

arunima: able to read. yes! if only we could do that long distance, singing offf key. Nothing like a show stopper: mera naam chin chin chu...

ricer: :) you're the expert, I have "learner" written all over. shukriya, memsaab.

Portia said...

blessings of warm memories! enjoy the stories. keep them. i feel its a personal thing to ask to share but if you just keep sharing your writing, it will be there.

austere said...

Portia- yes, so it will be, between the words and lines.