Sunday, May 03, 2009

From a visit to Mani Bhavan on Saturday.
Gandhiji stayed here from 1917-1934.
This is where the civil disobedience movement began.


mystic rose said...

Wow. Thanks for uploading these pics here.

So simple and soothing.

and what a contrast the last pic speaks of in present day India.

AmitL said...

Like Munnabhai,I could almost sense Bapu's presence in the first pic..:)Lovely!It's in Mumbai or Guj? I visited the Gandhi Ashram once,in Abad,and it's equally peaceful.

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Austere:

Your images are, as always, intriguing and artistic. I like the geometry of the middle one.

I know I have been scarce at my blog, so I do understand why you may not be stopping by much anymore. But, I wanted to let you know that I am making a strong effort to be back consistently again, and plan to comment back to people who comment on my essays. So, if you are willing to give me another look, I think you will enjoy my efforts. So... please stop by again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Austy,

I've finally created my Author's blog and am now going by my pen name "Nimh Sellers". I look forward to your comments. I beileve you got a publishing deal for a book, yes? How long will they make us wait before we can see the finished product? How exciting, bust out the virtual bubblies

Prx (aka Nimh Sellers)

austere said...

Mystic- thank you. There is more. That lane is just so beautiful, with a canopy of trees…

Amit- Sabarmati? Haven’t been in two decades. This place is in Gamdevi, Mumbai.

PT- of course I read your page. The last article needs thought before commenting- its technical- hence haven’t commented yet. But will.

Nimh: ha ha ha what book deal? I’m just making a beginning with translations, and there isn’t a market for translations. So be it. We shall persist. I guess get a good agent so you’ll get in the door. Best. Rootin for you.

Arunima said...

so nice! they must have renovated it nah?


beautiful pictures with a mix of anger..empty but filled with so much as the same.

reminds me of a ying and yang balance.

austere said...

crusty: thank you.

arunima: yes, except for that one room.

Portia said...

kind of like your writing, speaks volumes with apparent simplicity...i imagine the energy must be something there, although that is something i only ever find when not searching.

austere said...

Portia- True of your art as well, if I may say.