Friday, April 10, 2009

So stunning.
Something about Helen Levitt's photos.
The light and texture, the simplicity of B&W that pulls you in.
And to think I was just scanning through an obituary.
She was as bad with talking as I am.



but your words are like dew drops on tiny green petals.

black and white..balance, ying and yang.

Mumbai 58 said...

Don't you think sometimes black and white will outdo any colour? But then again when you are really happy black and white doesn't help. Something about writing too, the best is when you are in that not so nice a place.

Portia said...

Black and white can say so much more, sometimes. (Although, you have brought all the wonders of color to my attention as well.) Thanks for sharing her work, definitely some haunting stuff in there.

quin browne said...

i prefer black and white in photographs, and my colour to be found in words.

thank you for the link...

Anonymous said...

Astounding photographs - and what a span of time! Thank you for this, I will have to search!

austere said...

mago- see the google books options- with the look inside feature, you can make the images larger. Amazing the way she involves you and pulls you into a picture.

quin- it is an art. what else to say?

Portia- want to see B& W in your work. the depth, the sheen she captures!

Mumbai 58- so true. The light takes differently in both the cases, the not nice place as well, uncovers what is inside.

crusty- :) yes, there is a state of perfectness about the art.
Not my words, I fumble.