Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As the mostly young audience cheers and hangs on to every wizened word
Past the halo of honors and laurels that rest lightly on your frail shoulders;
I see
deep furrows and fine lines that crisscross your face
the sharp-as-paper-edge temper
your lack of patience with fools
that blunt directness of your cryptic, barked replies
the arms you’ve earned, from a life honestly lived
I learn
That 9 to 5 is not mandatory
That putting up, adjusting, making do is not mandatory
That it is completely possible to hold a point of view, which is entirely your own
To fight an unfair fight without bitterness corroding
To wait for the end with composure
Nothing is mandatory.

Thoughts on listening to Mahasweta Devi (84), the feisty fiery brilliant author- activist, at Prithvi y’day.


Portia said...

You must be a good listener;) Takes quite a person to convey all this. Steady working on many of these lessons. I cannot wait for the day I make my path away from the 9 to 5.

manuscrypts said...

the trick is in the doing.. sigh

AmitL said...

9 to 5 is not mandatory-I'm just waiting to make that mantra-once I make my way back to Baroda(In fact,out here it's 8 to 530)..let's see,let's see.

Anonymous said...

What a human, thank you for the name and link, I did not know about her. And she's a Volkskundler, an Ethnologist - she cites ballads, tellings, songs, oral tradition etc. as sources for her writing, so there is just a small step to the collecting, analyzing etc. what we do.
She has "honesty" written all over. And she must have a deep love to the country.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Thanks for introducing Mahasweta Devi...read about her and have ordered 'Hazar Chaurasi ki ma' online...albeit the English translation...dying to get the copy...


austere said...

Sathya- I am the biggest idiot in the world. After the event, when I was waiting to seek her blessings, a short man rushed to greet her, he was so affectionate and intense, "Didi, didi" he went. You know who? Govind Nihalani.

mago- I have not seen a more honest or brave human. Such deep personal integrity.Talking a pro-development stand because that is what is right- after being a red party person most of her life. Her work with tribals- she is one amongst them.

Amit- like all firagis, you'll run to Caneyda or Australiya. Rehney do!

manu- Do you read the Simple dollar?

portia- you shd see my face when I'm watching a movie or play. Very funny. Like a mirror.
But the documentary was superbly made.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Should try seeing the movie Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa...directed by Nihalani I believe..

The book I ordered online is yet to reach :(


AmitL said...

ROFL-you must be kidding!!:)The E.M.E.Temple keeps beckoning me!!:)Peace!!Next destination-Baroda!!

Arunima said...

haha@AmitL: Mine is supposed to be 9 to 5, but it doesn't happen, it hardly happens.

PQ said...

Fought a couple of unfair fights, sometimes has made me weak though. Needs plenty of courage and hope such people are always there to inspire - so that we stick to our beliefs and dont do things just to blend in.

austere said...

PQ- There are stellar examples, but real life is different, no?