Thursday, December 04, 2008

There is a need for routine. For structure.
For discipline. No, the word does not sound ugly anymore.

More so, a need to ensure this does not become mindless, mind-numbing.

In the stories, in the twitter feeds, in the forwards and breaking news, one can get trapped.

For a day, one pondered over a withdrawal, recluse-style. For white, for space.

Prompted by the disgust of a gentle giant.

But corralling in is not the answer.

Retreat, repose, recoup. Return.

The rolling mists predawn and the delicate sunrise, will enthrall in due course.

No- I wont let them take that away.


seema said...

Hi, Thanks for the compliment on AB's site.
I know I should get these poems printed n reach them to the common man.
But news papers say " We dont print poems" ....well if one sees some of the bollywood / page 3 crap thats printed..I would love to advise them that these are definitely more meaningful... any way whom all willl we change?????
Thnks once again
Keep in touch
seema saha

Proxima said...

I've been busy, but also thinking about you since the attacks. Glad you were not there. A sense of closeness/connection goes well beyond ones physical position to another.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...


AmitL said...

That's true-it can get pretty engrossing.I guess the silver lining is that things should only look up now!!Touchwood for a nice 2009!

ContentXn Network said...


I invite you and all bloggers to join as publishers.

We look forward to working with you.


Portia said...

you may be more open to the world's beauty than perhaps anyone else i've ever met. i do hope the dawn enthralls again. my thoughts are with you.

Quin Browne said...

if you do, 'they' win.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

An Indian Historian writes about it. He's currently teaching in Chicago and actually fellow in Berlin. It is pretty harsh critic of the gouvernment.

Anonymous said...


austere said...

Mago- I am well. Mailed you. Just been a little busy and away from office for a couple of days.

Seema- perhaps try Urban Voice, Indian literature, or online mags?

Proxima- yup. it is a strange thing about these energies and much of force for change as well these days, reaching out- its heartening.

Amit- Touchwood. :)

Navneet- No, thanks. But all the best.

Portia- ty. I miss all that art work and photographs.

Quin- yup. That I wont let them.

mago- I will read that now. As you know, our govt looks after the fatcats , the politicians, the rest can manage and stay safe through riots, monsoon flooding, bomb blasts and gun toting terrorists.

crab said...

And many congrats dear Ben .. we got to hear yay! @ sahitya :-)

Sumantics said...

I am enjoying reading BigB's blog too - came away very, very impressed. Very old world, very charming.

You've been tagged, Austy.

austere said...

shukriya, crabbie.

sumantics- yes, a fine person though I may occasionally vent. or nag.
No tags, pls.

Arunima said...

everybody remained hooked to the T.V those days.

Baby Island said...

hi dear,

never let the rolling predawn mists or the delicate sunrise be taken from you. You know regardless that those things will persevere, as will you.

You and others are perpetually on my mind whether I make it to the blog posting or not.

You have it in good order if you are able to forgive. My problem is not forgiving or forgetting. though I have not lived in your shoes, I don't know that brand of terror. A different more personal(is there such a thing?) brand yes, but will not forgive or forget.

You are strength. Much love, BI