Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunshine on the terrace, a 360 degrees view I’ve never seen in the year we’ve been here, the smile on your face when you listen to the first strands of a Kumar Gandharva recital, ah life.

The raw energy of the street play presented at the park, the roaring national anthem, and rapt attention with which a completely mixed audience watched the new binding factor, terror; the green gold of Kanheri and the determined buzz at Leopold’s,this and the all so important rest-all these have retreated to the backdrop, very much there, very much on the alert but not wide-eyed breaking news.

Been witness to some lovely pink edged clouds most dawn, and a hint of a nip in the air.


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-what a nice picture-sunshine on the terrace, a 360 degree view..:)(That reminds me,I'll check out the terrace here,too..haven't been on it since the watchman cleared a dead pigeon from there some time back.Sigh-poor thing).
Ah,I detect a note of the silver lining we were talking about, in the last lines on the pink edged clouds..grrrt!!!I hope to find my silver lining too,next yr-the bookshop routine or something similar,u know..wanna join in?What better job can one think of?

Anonymous said...

I've got more then nips of cold air here. It's snowing and I did not make it into work. But being the ever judicious Proxima that I am, I was prepared and worked from home. Will most likely need to do the same tomorrow.

There are so many blogger friends I must catch up on. All thse lives going on outside of my own...can't keep up.

Take Care!

PQ said...

Lovely clouds me drive is so much blissful when I see them and the beautiful mountains

Anonymous said...

Bittersweet comes to my head. It's the same as it was and it is not. The clouds do not care.

austere said...

PQ- VERY good to see you back. :)

mago- nothing is as it was. what did one see in the first place?

Baby Island said...


Why the not having seen the 360 degree view for a year? What does that mean? Leaves fallen, trees bare? Buildings gone? Hope it's just season changes for you.

I know I've been out of touch lately, but I am playing my usual game of catch up. Muah BI