Saturday, December 27, 2008

After hoping like hell that things would turn the corner, but knowing that they likely wont, one takes the next steps. Or lists the next steps .For whenever that is. There is relief, a lightness. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

December has been tumultuous, a month of endings. Of turning points. Of cleaning up clutter. Also of learning to trust gut feel. Of honesty, of the most painful kind, with oneself.

And of learning that reality and imagination are two completely different lands.

Perhaps it was paradoxical to run into two ex-colleagues from work now doing other things in the land of greenbacks. Their excitement was startling. Stunning. Where did it all go, one wonders.

Dont feel like explaining any of this.


Baby Island said...

Trust your gut, always. Are reality and imagination always two completely different lands? I wonder some days, although that may be lack of sleep on my part. no explanation necessary.

much love, BI and the minions.

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Anonymous said...

reality and imagination are two completely different lands.
Maybe both lands are divided by high-tide waves.
Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

It was surely an intense time. I learned that it is important to end things in an appropriate way, no ghosts. I hope there too will be good beginnings for you!
My best wishes for the coming new year. It is always a pleasure to read your writing, and it is a gift to have you met on the web.

Anonymous said...

A big hug and a Happy New year to you, Austere, my friend!

Having been through it myself, sometimes I still question whether or not a person can truly be...redeemable. In the end, the story of us all? Or a skewed perspective, I'm not sure.


austere said...

Thank you. Humbly.

quin browne said...

i look forward to this next year... i trust it will be a glorious one.

floreta said...

don't need to explain. this is simple and beautiful and vague enough to say: i can relate. december has also been a tumultuous year for me, of all the things you mentioned. hang in there and lets make 2009 better than ever :)

San said...

Here's hoping 2009 has lots in store for us, positively good things.

jeeva said...

i know; that is what i believe brecause the world is what you believe it is, even though i constantly seek. I believe arough end means a good start, consequently, a rough stary means a good end. But where is the start and the end is again you believe it is. Quite happy to know you're not alone sometimes, i like the second paragraph, "December has been tumultuous.... Imagination and reality can be in one plane, i believe, its just a matter of finding that space within yourself, it allows us to see the beauty of life the way the universe wanted us to see.

austere said...

Thank you, for your time and your thoughts.