Monday, December 29, 2008

Peace. Abiding joy.


AmitL said...

Thank You..and,a Happy, Peaceful New Year to you!

Arunima said...

Hope you shine for me dear star!

manuscrypts said...

a jungle bell, judging from the background!! :D hope you have a great 2009 :)

snkgrewalz said...

Been thinking of visiting your space since quite some time, but was wondering what I'd leave behind, as a 'first visit' gift.....then this came to me and I thought you'd like it:

- Very often, a friend is not known till he is lost.

- Help is just a prayer's length away.

- Good understanding is better than silver or gold.

- Let not the foolishness of logic prevail over the richness of love.

PipeTobacco said...


Thank you for the image. Is it one you photographed?

I just wanted to tell you two things:

1. You are a very wonderful and valuable part of this world and I thank you for your friendship.

2. I have started (as promised) to reply to comments on my site.


quin browne said...

joy to you.

Anonymous said...


And sleep. :)

austere said...

mago- ah a terrific evening, then! :)

quin-to you too.

PT- yes, its from the crib at the complex where I stay. Thank you for your words, and also for interacting more, it adds to the richness you'll find. :) I like being on your page!

Kash- Thank you ji :) and for your kind and gentle ways.

manu- nice contrast, na? loved the colors.

arunima- wish you too

amit- thank you. :)

crab said...

Wish you a v Happy New Year Ben :-)

PQ said...

HNY Austy!!!
Hope aapke saare resolutions fulfil ho and here's wishing you a very happy, successful, healthy, joyous and fun filled New year!

abbagirl74 said...

Happy New Year!

Baby Island said...

Nice photo, Happy New year to you and Baba. Be good to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Peace & Prosperity.

austere said...

Hobo- shukriyaaz...

babyisland- haanji! That's a YES in Hindi for you. Will try. On my wishlist for the year.

Abbagal- to you too, welcome welcome!

PQ- YUP. Aap ko bhi. badhaiyaan and bahoot sara pyaar.

crabbiekins- thank you. Kitne saal ho gaye na?!

crab said...

time flies...:)