Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So you put your head down and get on with the day.

There is charm in a blatant peach sunset, in Calylilly green, in movies from Hyderbhai’s library.

There is a lightness. An incredible lightness of being.

There is laughter, in old friends teasing. In connecting.

In health tales from oldies-goldies, in the retelling of family yarns.

In lanes that turn and new shortcuts discovered-a pleasure not to be sniffed at.

At some level, one watches on, the spectator, the joker in the pack.

In all of this, what is there to write?


manuscrypts said...

a lot!! i can never get enough of nostalgia posts!!
PS. and that solved the hyderbhai mystery :)

Reshmi said...

Hey, that's us you are talking about!

Reshmi said...

Great! Yes??

Anonymous said...

There is a time to observe, absorb, like a sponge, process, give back.

austere said...

mago- the last one is toughest- "to give back.." :)

reshmi- oh yes! OLD old old friends, old friends, new old friends... phew!

manu- you got to say his name in rhyme with "aay, ganpat chal daru laa.." ditto made for a RGV movie is Hyderbhai.

burf said...

nothing at all except for the poetic prose :D

austere said...

burf...thanks but uhhuh.

Kahaan poetic?

Baby Island said...

"not to be sniffed at" certainly. The "joker in the pack" as well. You ask..."what is there to write"???

All of it. ALL. Your writing is a ray of golden light across the globe to baby island, real and unreal. I am connected.