Thursday, November 27, 2008

How dare they.
Am ok.
Anyone talks of secularism, I'll break your teeth.


Baby Island said...

Be safe dear one. Really. Be safe.

I have a room for you and your dad. come here. Muah

Be safe.

norrbu said...

heard the news - terrible. i hope you're well.

crab said...

Take care Ben

San said...

helpless and angry at it all. so angry and helpless about it all

Anonymous said...

What is the "sense" behind this massacre? A combined guerrilla-like attack in one of the most dense populated areas of this planet:
Somebody declared war, but who and why against whom or what?


I was so scared for you when I heard the news..I'm glad that you're okay, but am so sad for all the people that have lost their lives..and I agree with you..I'll help you break their teeth too with words of secularism.

Shameful and disgusting.
I'm mourning with you, a building ruined, but even more so, lives taken..

My thoughts to you and your world!

Portia said...

i didn't know. i was away from the world for a few days, selfishly. am blessed to find you're alrght.

austere said...

Portia- :) to the extent that one can be all right. But, yes. How were you to know?

Crusty- thank you, I hope there will be no "next time" but a sense of the times tells me its a matter of time.

mago- I read a newsitem from a thinktank that calls this a fundraising demo from new jihadis. We have leaky borders- anything, anyone, anytime.

san- yup

crabbiekins- likewise, you too, and you know the place so well.

norrbu, babysisland- thank you.
babyisland- you largehearted Americans!