Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One is so used to projections, to outcomes, to cause and effect, mega scale 5 year plans. The busy-ness of it all.
Why does one resist- simply sitting back and enjoying the ride?


manuscrypts said...

maybe its an acquired taste? :)


perhaps because they're unable to adapt to change unless it's change that they can control and manipulate?
Or just to be a contrarian?


San said...

the thought of being alone in my own company all day and all night is a daunting prospect. busy-ness keeps me at bay from me.

Anonymous said...

One man said that all the nonsense in the world originates from the fact that humans are unable to sit quietly and comfortable in their rooms.

We should have more cats who quietly sleep on people's laps. No one dares to wake a cat. Maybe one found a cat.

Portia said...

Fabulous question. Maybe it would just be too easy. Here's to enjoying the ride, sitting back or not:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-been a bit down with a bad backache...great to see ur posts today.Let me read all.
This one-well,doesn't it remind you of 'who moved my cheese?'Complacence-that is the reason.

austere said...

Amit- arrey boss! I'm not able to be complacent or "go with the flow"- that's the problem.. TC and all. What's all this?

Portia- :) Cheers! An interesting ride, seat belt on, all bets off...

mago- I guess I need a well behaved cat then. Very true.

crusty- methinks, personally, tis just to spite, or just like that, contrarian should do just as well.

san- that's an honest admission, frightful or not. ty.

manu- perhaps..we can compare notes in ten years. :)

norrbu said...

it is a general consensus that rules based projections are better then discretionary policies :) Spontaneity is a risky proposition.

manuscrypts said...

haha..yes, it should be fun :)

Quin Browne said...

my house sold.

i plan on digging deep in the muck, and buying stock.

i will profit on the backs of the bottom dwellers!!!

*evil leo laugh*

austere said...

quin: fixed deposits. PLS. GOI bonds. nah, you cant invest in India methinks. Safe safe safe- PLS. Congrats on the house- and in THIS market too! Must be the NYC magic. eh?

manu- think so?

norrbu- let me hear you when you're 44. haan, yes?ONLY one life, this one.