Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've spent most of the last two days following the twitter feed on #mumbai.
My head is spinning.
Its over, but such loss. A blogpal tells me of this young girl, the sole survivor from her 5-person family- they were celebrating a birthday. She is critical, in coma.
Read, too, about the disaster averted at the TOI.
Anger and then anguish and then...indifference? Until next time?



it hurts too much to read..
I wish I could lift that young girl and bring her into my home..
I won't allow 'them' to bring hatred in my heart for I must feel for everyone that has just suffered such awful awful loss.

So so sad.

Quin Browne said...

i still wonder...why? of all places, why there? why anywhere, i reckon...

where are we going, we humans who have taken the perfection given to us, and systematically destroyed it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It will be like it always was: An emptiness that slowly fills up with trite and daily normality. On one level.
But I think that this caused a basical rupture, for the large cities, for the society, for whole India.

austere said...

mago- it will never be the same again. you are right- there is a before and an after.

hobo- yes.

quin- I was reading a review of a book on the psychology of terrorists. Clearly, our scales dont apply.

crusty- pray for her. please. and for young Moshe, his parents were murdered, hunted down for their faith. Why?

burf said...

times like these bring back all those whys to the mind

i am feeling so bitter... all the time

Portia said...

crazy sounds a trite word at the moment, but it's all i'm left with. really. truly. crazy.

austere said...

burf..I am re-reading the human interest stories, how people took on danger for utter strangers, am trying to keep the happy tourists in the bus in my mind

portia- so painful.what to do?