Saturday, August 23, 2008

THE Mr. AB replied to a comment I'd left on his blog.

Dazzled. Awe.


Twilight Fairy said...

u mean amitabh bachhan or abhinav bindra? and link to that comment and its response please!

austere said...

Only one AB, only one Big B.

Amitabh Bachhan.


Linked, you will have to search for austere.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...Hearty Congrats..:)The Big B himself replying..:)Great..and,yes,big adda sounds nice..

mystic rose said...

I did! I did!! I did see it!

Actually , I really liked your replies, but then would not have expected any less. So... do you read his blog regularly?

I did once, "Good writer" I thought. To my pleasant surprise.

mystic rose said...

One more blog to spread soome more cheer? On Big Adda? :)

Quin Browne said...

are we mere mortals allowed to still leave comments for you?

(big snarky grin here, of course)

Sathya said...


And btw...You have written one complete charter there... complete with the 25 point agenda :)

Will read it now ..

manuscrypts said...

so cool!!
btw, is the absence of #3 in the looong list, a subtle dig at newspapers' page 3 tendencies? ;)
and now, if you reply to this comment, i'll be the guy who got a reply to his comment from someone who got a reply for her comment from Big B.. :D
and hey, hmmmph, at the fact that we always reply to your comments and don't get a mention...:p

austere said...

ha ha ha Manuji.. now you have my guilty secret- I can't count!
But nice one, page 3 indeed. :) Aww. "No mention, not even a brusque nod as the wedgewood blue falls from his hand on to the damask linen with a ear shattering clatter.."

sathya- no charter-wonly question and answer. :)

ha ha ha quin- by quin of course the presiding matriarch of all plays Broadway and off Broadway and off off ... eh?

mystic- he daren't ditch blogspot like that. And yes, I challenge you to read without a weep, the post he'd dedicated to his mother on her birth anniv. An honest writer, and how many are?

amit L- in Bollywood, there is only one KING. The man who has acted brilliantly for 35 years on...quote unquote Akhshay Kumar. (I think)

sathya said...

aust>>>from above comment, only one KING = KING Khan na?


austere said...

uh huh.

let SRK be around for 35 years and then we'll see the body of work and decide.

Sathya said...

oh..... thats gonna be difficult :( tobacco kills :(


PQ said...

Hey Austy! Congratz feels thrilling na...wonderful :-) and yes AB is great!!!

austere said...

That really was a hahahah mogambo khush hua moment. :)