Thursday, August 28, 2008

A completely random happiness.
Channel surfing. Find, on UTV movies- A Hard Day’s Night.
Squeal, shout, cheer, sing along; every yeah yeah yeah, every wo ooo oo oou.
Every darn word. How the lines sound.
The parent looks on, bemused.
This is the first-ever record I’d seen as a 5 year old.
Shiny cover, the fab four, memories of jumping on the bed, monkey-style.
How does the brain remember?


Anonymous said...

Das ist doch wunderschön.

HemRaj Singh said...

You have a very unusual way of writing, I must say. But, somehow, I do like the terseness of it. Just that it needs to be a little more expressive.

austere said...

Danke! :)

hemraj- :) one liner posts, uff! longer stuff is on version 2 (link to right) from 5 yrs ago.

Quin Browne said...

hard days night!

oh, how i danced to that in my white gogo boots on my skinny kid legs

soleil said...

just letting you know ke aavi ti. :)

Portia said...

What a scene, I love this. I wonder too, how could so many years turn into such a blur, save those few precious moments that live vividly in my mind, like it was yesterday?

manuscrypts said...

sometimes, the mind manages the brain's resources well :)

AmitL said...

Good heavens-Austy-you're a Beatles fan,too??Same here...:)Which are your favourites?Want me to email some?LOL-yes,the lines do sound unusual today.:)

austere said...

manu- ah yes. sometimes. :)

amitl- I like the pre-70 ones. Michelle. Yesterday once more. If I fell in loe with you.Till there was you. Those ones, simple lyrics. and you know how exactly the guitar sounds.

quin- :) with ribbons in they hair?

AmitL said...

Hey,yess,those are nice-Michelle is pretty different...if u like the fast guitar sound,listen to their 'paperback writer'(If you haven't heard it,here's the link:

(I know u'll love it,so,will wait for your comment)

(To be honest,thanks to this comment,I googled on youtube and found the link-will have a nice time,looking for the rest of my favs.:)

(My favs are in one CD-love me do,from me to you,she loves you,a hard day's night,ticket to ride,we can work it out,etc etc)..:)

You know,I needed just this inspiration to begin listening to songs again. Out here,I've become like,you know,it's either blogs,or the net or took a backstage.And,I know how soothing it is for the mind.:)Tku,indirectly.:)

AmitL said...

err,'looking'was a pun,coz it's versions,I do have.:)

austere said...

Of course I luvvvv paperback writer.
Thanks for the You Tube link.


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