Thursday, August 14, 2008

Med chem remember? Engineering drawing? Workshop? Swotting. Writing formulae, equations on the wall. Cology, cognosy, all the stuff we learnt, arcane measures like minims? Its been a neat twenty years since we toiled away at titrations. Since we used slips of butterpaper to steady those circa sixties balances, playing it so much by the ear, all POTA numbers. And yet when I talked to you the other day it was like you’d never left. Strange how some friendships last, some don’t.


manuscrypts said...

ED and Workshop!!! haha, the only 2 subjects I'd to write twice to pass.. how could you know??!! am i truman??!! :D

sathya said...

Aust, you had Engg Drawing / workshop et all, forty years ago too???? :P


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-well,well,I never knew-u're a mech engineer?From Kalabhavan,MSU??:)Nice memories.Who was this person-a teacher or a fellow student?

What are POTA numbers btw? I thought it stood for Prevention Of Terrorism Act..:)

PQ said...

Arre ED...I had a tough time and workshop too :-)

austere said...

SATHYA! Not forty years ago, child- juss twenty some years ago. yes,hilarious since it was pharmacy we were supposedly studying.

manu- really?

amit- pharmacy. we had things like pumps and unit operations to blunder through too. Kalabhavan, zindabad. Never mind the horrible lane to the the department. A classmate, now a topshot with the ma baap sarkar USFDA. Pulled out of thin air.

pq- same pinch

abbagirl74 said...


sathya said...

Hi Aust,
That was supposed to be a joke :(


AmitL said... remember that department as the one where the guys would go whenever they needed to refresh their eyes.:)

I don't think the lane to it was soo bad!!:)

austere said...

Amit- you had to see that silence that you could cut through with a knife when a girl, however desi (read-moi)passed by- it was unnerving.

sathya- ha. GRR.

abbagirl- :)

Portia said...

Sounds like a pleasant surprise:)

AmitL said...,u were also one of the,err, firecrackers,for want of a better word!!:)which yr?

austere said...


I was as desi as I am now. Which made it more embarrassing. Pin drop silence when you'd walk past.

82-87. One bonus year- strike.