Thursday, April 17, 2008

We’re eighty-five today. Everyday a new day, touchwood. So lukkha he won’t even treat me to peanuts, nah you can’t, he cackles.

Watching the golden orb rise beyond the horizon-line, past the few straggly trees on dusty scrub and the huge pipe that runs to the distant reservoir, one can just imagine onceuponatime, itwaslikethis packed lush green, bird calls to a crescendo, insects buzz, suddenly a rustle in the undergrowth and …silence.


Phantasmagoria said...

Happy Birthday. :) And how are you young lady.

austere said...

:) thankyouz.

Am good :)

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Wish your dad a very happy bday from my side :)

and what's lukha :-/


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. And best wishes.

The moment of silence is holy.
For a moment nature stops to breath.
A gap.

AmitL said...

A V. Happy Birthday to your Dad from's amazing-the zest which his generation has.If I last that long(and,I'm sure I won't),I'm sure I'll be...well,I'm not sure at all.hehe.

hehe to the lukkha part-I think it's only fair that you should have treated him.

Portia said...

Happy Birthday! All the best to you both:):)

Baby Island said...

Wooo weee 85! I think that means it is party time, no?

and in the end there, is it silence? or is it something else?

Happiest birthdays to your dad. (I did do a double take when I first read it and thought, damn, austere is 85? cool...)


austere said...

heh. Austere is onehundwedeightyfive more like it. :)

Thank you everyone for the wishes.
He's lukha kanjoos miser didn't give me a treat. :) and I shan't let him forget.
mago- what a lovely line. :)
amit- huh? not fair you cant change sides like that. NAH. tell me! I promise not to hold you to it four decades from now.

thankyouz portia and babyisland.

soleil said...


ghani belated, but, happy birthday maari taraf thi bi.